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Through The Eyes Of The Hollywood Elite

Hollywood Elite and Their Eyewear

When Hollywood comes to mind the images of palm trees, glitzy parties, movie stars and fabulous eyeglasses take center stage. Playing a role in shielding everything from paparazzi flashes to southern California sunrays, eyeglasses play a popular role in every stars life. By taking cues from the Hollywood elite, we too can be outfitted in the most stylish and fitting frames that highlight everything from perfect brows to bronzed cheek bones. 

At Glance Glasses of Salem and Lake Oswego, we carry an ever-changing line of the top brands and styles available today. Below, we share the top tips in finding the right style for you that can help to channel your inner movie star. When celebrities choose their glasses, it’s never a happy accident that the styles seem to fit them perfectly. We work one on one with you to ensure the perfect fit, frame and style every time. 

Face Shape
Face shape is number one in choosing the right size, and the right shape, frame for your face. Before we dive into style and color, you first need to narrow down the shape or shapes that will best compliment your natural facial structure. This will give your face balance and add to the overall look. While a round face, as seen on star Jennifer Lawrence, works best with rectangular frames, oval faces, such as Jessica Alba or Megan Fox, are best accented by butterfly shapes. Heart faces, such as Selena Gomez, do best in soft oval styles that balance strong jawlines. As one of our many personal services, we can assist shoppers in finding the right frame for their shape. 

Shopping in Europe for Future Eyewear Frames

We were invited back to AM Northwest to discuss how we source the best quality frames from Europe. In this video Lisa Martinsson (Owner) talks with Helen and Dave how Glance is able to meet with eyewear designers to brainstorm ideas and make improvements for future eyewear lines. In this episode we also had time to showcase the unique ways in which our customers are able to customize their frames.

AM Northwest invites Glance to Speak About Different Mens Eyewear "LOOKS"

We were invited back to AM Northwest to discuss mens eyewear fashions. Co-owner Bob Martinsson models a few pieces from his eyewear wardrobe and Helen and Dave learn about eyewear consulting.  

AM Northwest Co-Owner Bob Martinsson Models Eyeglasses

We were invited to AM Northwest to discuss how show off a variety of frames to show what works and what doesn't. There are some clear and practical tips you can take away from this video for your next eyewear shopping experience. 

AM Northwest Interviews Glance about Polarization

Polarization is a series of vertical lines that cuts through the horizontal glare. It is great for fishers, skiers and anyone that wants to see better while driving. Polarized lens will help to cut through the glare of a water surface, snowpack, and car windows. If you are light sensitive, you will want to stick with a gray-based polarization lens versus a yellow based polarized lens. Watch this short video or visit one of our stores to learn more. 

AM Northwest Invites Glance to Talk About the Importance of Sunglasses for Kids

Children are more sensitive to harmful ultraviolet rays, and in most cases, extremely cheap glasses can be more harm than good. It is possible to get reasonably priced frames for kids that will help protect their eyes. Watch this short video or visit our stores to learn more about sunglasses.  

AM Northwest Talks to Glance About Eyewear Wardrobe Parties

Update your wardobe, including your eyeglasses and visit Glance with your friends for a party. We offer custom tailored eyewear wardrobe parties for you and your eyeglasses wearing friends to come to a closed store. Watch this short video or visit our stores to learn more about throwing an eyewear wardrobe party. 

AM Northwest Invited Glance To Help Men Select Eyewear!

Men are often intimidated when selecting new eyewear. This video interview covers some great tips for men to consider. Watch to learn more, or visit one of our stores today to get your own personal consultation. 

AM Northwest Invites Glance to Discuss How Your Glasses Can Improve Confidence with Before and After Examples

We were excited to visit AM Northwest to share some great eyewear tips and show how the right frames can improve your appearance. Watch the video to learn more, or visit us at one of our locations to have us show you in-person. 

AM Northwest Invites Glance to Help Helen with Frames!

Watch this short video to see the process of selecting the right frames for Helen, the host of AM Northwest.