Teresa McLaughlin, Optician

ABO Certified


Teresa at a Glance:  Teresa is our lab geek.  Put this woman in a lab and she’s like a kid in a candy store!  Most people don’t like manuals, but Teresa reads them for fun!

On Her First Pair of Glasses:  I was in elementary school.  I remember riding in the car and looking out the window wearing my first pair of glasses.  It was like I was seeing the world for the first time!  There was stuff out there!!  Who would have thought?

On Finding the Perfect Eyewear:  If someone would have told me sooner that the glasses I had been wearing most of my life were way too wide for my face and that there were options to make the lenses thinner, I may have found a perfect pair of glasses a long time ago!  But it’s never too late!  I am now wearing my perfect pair, which I found at Glance of course!

On Beauty:  Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder.  It is not always what we see but how we see it.

On Strength:  Strength is sometimes hard to find.  It’s always there, but it gets buried underneath our own weights of the world.  We just need to dig a little harder and a little deeper to find it.

On Laughter:  Having a lot of medical background I can truly say, laughter is the best medicine!

On Reading:  Reading is a way to see a different perspective of the world that surrounds me.  It allows my imagination to take flight.  In the same manner, reading allows me to gain knowledge.  Whether it be a crime novel or a comic, I am able to take something from it.  Knowledge is power.

Favorite Quote:  “Success is not final.  Failure isn’t fatal.  It’s the courage to go on that matters.”  - Winston Churchill

Favorite Vacation:  Me, my two girls, my parents, and other family at Disney World.  It was a dream-come-true for many of us and we all got to experience it together.  Priceless!