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5 Things Eyeglasses Do Besides Enhancing Eyesight

When making an eyeglass purchase, the first thing you look for is functionality. Will they improve my eyesight? Will I be able to read better? Drive better? Go about my day-to-day tasks with more precision and ease?

And while all of those are crucial when it comes to finding the right pair of eyeglasses, one may wonder, what ELSE can my glasses do for me?

Here at Glance Glasses, we are about so much more than “standard”. We go above and beyond to not only give you eyeglasses that will enhance vision and performance, but we pride ourselves on creating a product that speaks to individual style, personality, and innovative design.

Eyeglasses can enhance your hair and makeup style

Depending on the frame and color you choose, eyeglasses can enhance your hairs cut, color, and style. Sharp lines can accentuate an edgy cropped do’, while smoother, rounded frames can complement a softer, layered style. Same rules apply for makeup; take into consideration your normal color palette when applying before choosing your everyday frame color. 

Eyeglasses can showcase your personality

Cool and mysterious? Posh and pulled together? Quirky with a flair for the exotic? We have something for everyone. Eyeglass style is a great way to showcase personality because the eyes are the first thing someone sees when meeting you. Eyeglasses can help you make a great first impression and give a glimpse into who you are when styled correctly. 

Eyeglasses can be your hottest accessory

Who doesn’t love a stylish accessory that is also functional? Our eyeglasses come in many shapes, styles and colors from top brands such as Blackfin, Tom Davies, and Paul Frank, just to name a few. Women can pair one of our retro cat eye styles with a cute A-line dress for throwback flair, or men can choose a frame with a bold pop of color to dress up a neutral business-casual ensemble. There are endless possibilities, and one can never have too many frames to mix it up. 

Eyeglasses can free you from the inconveniences of contacts

Eyeglasses are a top choice for many of our clients because it frees them from the inconvenience of dry eyes, storage, and other downfalls that many contact lens wearers suffer. 

Eyeglasses can give you confidence

Having the ability to see clearly is important in every aspect of our lives. From the workplace and school to home and in the car, having a trustworthy pair of durable eyeglasses gives us the confidence to complete each task throughout the day. And with many innovative styles and designs to choose from, here at Glance Glasses, we offer many ways for you to wear that confidence in style.