About Glance Glasses in Lake Oswego and Salem, OR

The Beginning

Glance Glasses opened in October 2002 as a European eyewear boutique in Salem, Oregon. Under the management of Lisa Martinsson, Glance earned a reputation as “The” place to shop for designer eyewear. Whether you call it luxury, fashion, funky, or cool, Glance is the place to shop.

The Story

Lisa Martinsson was a lanky 12-year-old with crooked bangs and very thick glasses. Having never met an optician with an artistic eye, her glasses were always too big and her lenses too thick for her face. It was not a pretty sight and many painful memories exist as a result of years of poorly fitting eyewear.

It wasn’t until earning a degree in graphic design that she finally saw where the opticians of the past had failed her. Her art training led her back to an industry she had grown to resent – optics. Lisa successfully merged artistry and optics, creating balance and harmony between the frame, the lenses, and each person’s facial structures. She had found her medium!

Having found her passion, Lisa was working in a busy optical practice, when one day she came face to face with a ghost from the past, an awkward, lanky young girl with thick glasses that were too large for her slender face. She and her parents had painstakingly selected yet another ill-fitting frame for her new prescription. Lisa took her by the hand and set out to find the perfect eyewear frames that she had never worn.

A week later she came to pick up her new glasses with excitement and anticipation. When that shy little girl put on those glasses and looked in the mirror, a silence befell them both. Looking back from the mirror was a very different girl, one she had never seen. Completely enamored with her reflection, she gazed at herself and humbly whispered, “I’m pretty.”

“That is why I do what I do!” — Lisa Martinsson, Owner