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Image Consulting

“A healthy spirit comes from within, great eyewear lets it out to play!”

At Glance, we recognize that everyone has a wonderful spirit, but not all of us have successfully tapped into it. Those of us who have - may not know how to express that spirit through the most important accessory we will ever invest in, our eyewear!

It is said there is a four second window of opportunity where people make the first assessment of us. Those four seconds start with our faces. What do your glasses say about you in that crucial time frame? Do they say confidence or insecurity, credible or questionable, creative or dull, CEO or subordinate? Does your eyewear tell people you are approachable or anti-social? It’s absolutely amazing what a pair of glasses can tell the world about who you are and who you aren’t!

We have even earned the reputation of providing $500 facelifts! Your frame will either create gravity or defy it. The right frame can take 10 years off a face - and the wrong frame can add them! It’s no wonder so many people without a prescription wear glasses.

Several years ago, a client came to Glance wanting us to help him look more friendly. Tall and slender, this attractive man seemed very approachable and friendly, unless you were a little third grader at the school in which he was the principal! This gentle giant towered over his little students and he needed to find a solution to their fear of him. We took him out of his black plastic rectangular glasses and put him in a lighter colored vintage round. A month later, he and his wife came in to report that since his eyewear change, the kids run to him and jump in his lap! Glance made a difference to that principal and his students!

We can help you, too! Your personal consultant will help you choose the shapes, sizes, and colors which will enhance the natural beauty of your eyes, your face, and your image. Glance opticians are hand-selected for a focus on service. Then they are trained, and trained, and trained - to focus on your optical needs and lifestyle. Every client receives one-on-one attention to help find the right eyewear to enhance or even create an image. Our opticians are educated on the latest lens technology so they can find the right lenses to fit your needs. Armed with that knowledge and our great selection of European lines, our opticians will find the right eyewear for you.

“Glance, where your eyewear is an expression of who you are and how you feel.”