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5 Things Eyeglasses Do Besides Enhancing Eyesight

When making an eyeglass purchase, the first thing you look for is functionality. While crucial when it comes to finding...

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Simple Ways to Maintain or Recapture Your Youthful Appearance

How diet, skincare & quality eyeglasses can help you remain youthful. 

As you age maintaining a youthful appearance is likely at...

Hollywood Elite and Their Eyewear

Through The Eyes Of The Hollywood Elite

When Hollywood comes to mind the images of palm trees, glitzy parties, movie stars and fabulous eyeglasses take center stage....

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Shopping in Europe for Future Eyewear Frames

We were invited back to AM Northwest to discuss how we source the best quality frames from Europe. In...

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Glance Featured in Lake Oswego Living Magazine

Originally posted in the September 2014 issue of Lake Oswego Living Magazine. 

Written by Mary Kay Larson


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Supporting the Oregon Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation

Press Release Portland, OR (October 10, 2012)

by Oregon Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation

In an effort to...