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John Shares his "Eye Opening" Glance Experience!

Another satisfied Glance client tells his story!  Come in and get your Glance experience in Salem and Portland locations!

Jessica Alba Wearing Sunday Somewhere

Meet the newest addition to the Glance family: Sunday Somewhere!

Jessica Alba shares our absolute delight in Sunday Somewhere Sunwear!

There are some people who never feel the urge to leave...

Let your Eyeglasses Improve Your Eyes And Your Eyesight image

Let your Eyeglasses Improve Your Eyes And Your Eyesight

As eyeglass wearers, our number one concern is what we see from the inside out. Beyond the frames lies a...

Woman smiling laying on back wearing eyewear

5 Things Eyeglasses Do Besides Enhancing Eyesight

When making an eyeglass purchase, the first thing you look for is functionality. While crucial when it comes to finding...

Man wearing a beanie and eye glasses.

Simple Ways to Maintain or Recapture Your Youthful Appearance

How diet, skincare & quality eyeglasses can help you remain youthful. 

As you age maintaining a youthful appearance is likely at...

Hollywood Elite and Their Eyewear

Through The Eyes Of The Hollywood Elite

When Hollywood comes to mind the images of palm trees, glitzy parties, movie stars and fabulous eyeglasses take center stage....