Why would I recommend Glance to those in the community?

Whoever you refer to Glance will receive superior service, selection and quality of both frames and lenses. Glance holds true to the philosophy that service and quality are the keystones for a successful business. They are also the foundation upon which strong and long-lasting relationships are built. And let’s not forget, of course, that our glasses are just really cool! Your personality is your signature. We sell signature eyewear – simple.

What got you started in this business?

There’s a great story about a little girl and why I do what I do, full story here. The short version of how I got started in this industry is very simple – the combination of a scrawny kid growing up in bad glasses, an art degree, and a doctor that took a risk. It’s full of irony really, glasses were the bain of my existence!

When can I have my Glance consultation?

Both Glance locations are open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Closed Saturday and Sunday.

Where is Glance located?

Glance has two locations. The original store is located in downtown Salem at 330 Court St

The second store is in downtown Lake Oswego at 220 A Avenue

Both shops are in the heart of cool downtown cores with a variety of dynamic retail shops and eateries.

I just assumed I had to buy my glasses from my eye doctor, is that not true?

It’s common for people to get their exam with the doctor that they trust, and to get their Rx filled with an optician or optical shop that they prefer. The doctor’s offices, which is where I started, provide more conservative frames that appeal to a more conservative audience. We shop for those who are looking for more unique frames and cutting edge technology. It’s not uncommon for local doctors’ offices to refer their patients to Glance when they can’t find what they’re looking for, and vice versa! Both your eye doctor and Glance really want to help you achieve the best optical experience possible.

Will my eye doctor be offended if I ask for my prescription?

Not in the least. Whether you get your glasses at your doctor’s office or elsewhere, you should always receive a copy of your prescription. It will prove valuable if you ever lose or break your glasses when out of town.

So, do I get my prescription from my doctor’s office and then go to Glance to get it filled?

Yes! In fact, that’s exactly how it works. You can either bring your prescription with you or let Glance get it for you.

Can I get an eye exam at Glance?

Much like our European counter-parts, Glance has no Optometrist or Ophthalmologist. We prefer to focus on what we do best and thus, raise the bar. Finding the right frame and lenses for each client is our primary goal.

What is a Glance Consultation?

Your face is unique, and your personality one of a kind. Finding the appropriate eyewear for each is an art. After learning about your lifestyle, Glance’s opticians will guide and educate you on various frame and lens styles appropriate for your individual optical needs.

What is an Optician?

An Optician is to the eye doctor, what the pharmacist is to the medical doctor. In other words, your eye doctor writes your glasses prescription and our Optician fills it.

What is Glance Optics?

Glance is the Northwest’s premier Optical Boutique. With our fashion forward European frames, we specialize in technologically advanced lens designs and cutting edge lens materials. The qualified Opticians at Glance will show you what is appropriate for your face and what is not.