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Glance Featured in Lake Oswego Living Magazine

Originally posted in the September 2014 issue of Lake Oswego Living Magazine. 

Written by Mary Kay Larson

The moment you cross the threshold of this modern edgy boutique, you will sense a difference. It feels as though this experience is to be more of an adventure than an ordinary visit to the optical department at your doctor’s office. Sleek and contemporary, warm and inviting are words that best describe Glance. From the first greeting by friendly professionals to the incredible array of unique and dynamic frames, the passion for optics here is immediately apparent.

With their combined quarter century in the field of optics, Glance owners Lisa and Bob Martinsson bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to their growing business in Salem and Lake Oswego. “We are known for our innovative frames from around the world but more and more people are seeking us out for our technologically advanced digital lenses, which are equally or more important,” says Lisa. “Most people think all lenses are created equal. Not so!” She continues, “Once you’ve experienced our HD lenses, you’ll never go back!”

Meet Lisa and it’s hard to believe she was an awkward child. But when she was prescribed glasses in grade school, she refers to it as a death sentence! “They were the bane of my existence,” says Lisa. So much so, that you might wonder why she is in the business now. It’s the ultimate irony and partly defines who Lisa is today.

Lisa’s journey into optics began in the third grade, with that first pair of thick ill-fitting glasses, which changed her name from Lisa to “four-eyes.” It was a constant source of bullying and humiliation. Lisa later tells the story of a lanky awkward 10-year-old girl that came into her shop, wearing thick glasses too big for her little face. Together she and Lisa found the perfect frame. Two weeks later when that little girl picked up her new glasses, she stared in the mirror and whispered, “I’m pretty.” Lisa still cries when she thinks of her. “I made a difference for that little girl,” says Lisa. We get to do that every day at Glance! We sell posture. We sell image. We sell self-esteem,” says Lisa. “We’re image consultants.” And so today, Lisa’s passion is matching each face with the appropriate frame, because the perfect eyewear exists for every face.

Bob’s contribution to Glance has been crucial and sometimes invisible. As the business half of this husband and wife team, Bob wears many hats. You never know which one he’ll be wearing. Also a certified Optician, he may be helping a client select the perfect frame or behind the scenes making sure the business runs like a finely oiled machine, often acting as support for the entire team. “Bob is the glue around here,” explains Lisa, “It’s because of him that systems run smoothly at Glance, he does everything from payroll to scheduling guest appearances on TV’s AM Northwest!“ says a grateful Lisa.

The highly trained Opticians at Glance are either ABO certified or in the process of becoming so (that’s a requirement at Glance.) They are hand selected by Bob and Lisa and trained to deliver the “Glance Experience.” Each believes in and proudly practices the Glance philosophy: “A healthy spirit comes from within, great eyewear lets it out to play!”

Come have your own personal Glance Experience by visiting Glance in Lake Oswego or Salem.