Julie Schubert, Optician | Glance Optics & Eyewear

Julie Schubert, Optician

Julie on finding the perfect eyewear:  The reason I love what I do at Glance is just that … I LOVE to help others find the perfect frame! I really enjoy getting to play with clients and experience the moment they put on that perfect frame. The smile that reflects back at them in the mirror absolutely makes my day!

On Strength:  As the oldest daughter in a family of five children, my strength, confidence and backbone came naturally! Thanks to amazing parents, I learned how to be independent, to always help out, and to put myself aside for the greater good. I take great pride in knowing others can count on me. As for strength, it is truth, dependability, and authentic communication. I believe anything can be resolved with honest communication. I’m a daughter, sister, friend and mother - that’s strength in a nutshell!

On fun:  Life can get too serious at times. Who has time for that? Dance, make faces, joke around, disguise your voice! Fun makes a world of difference!

On food and family:  For me, these go hand in hand. Growing up, food was a big part of our family. My grandmother and my father always had big gardens in the summer that we kids learned how to care for. We used fresh ingredients to make our home cooked recipes. Family came together at the dinner table. Surrounded with food and love - what a beautiful way to grow up!

On her favorite place: The second I hit the beach, looking out at the beautiful sea, I let out a huge involuntary breath! The warmth of the sand on my feet and the sound of the waves clear my mind and feed my soul.

My Favorite quote:  “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”  Winston Churchill