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Les Brown, Optician

ABO Certified

Les at a Glance:  Mr. Adjustment!  This guy is the master at adjusting eyewear to fit every person’s face.  Believe me, he’s good!  The guy is also funny – don’t get him started or you’ll be in stitches all afternoon!  

On His First Glasses:  I went from hating my glasses to loving them!  In fact, I am now addicted to awesome eyewear!  In 2009, I got my first pair of Glance glasses.  Now, I have 12 pair of glasses, 3 pair of sunglasses, and more to come!!

On Finding the Perfect Eyewear:  I love helping find the right frames for people.  Not only to assist in their overall appearance and function, but the confidence and happiness that the right pair can bring. The true satisfaction comes when a client comes back in thanking us for the help!  When they walk in, head held high because they just got yet another compliment on their frames, is when I get that great feeling that I made a difference!

On Beauty:  I believe beauty is within one’s self.  Everyone is beautifully unique and the correct eyewear that fits, not only one’s physical features, but who you are on the inside can do more for your confidence than any amount of make up!

On Strength:  I think strength is more than just muscles.  In my eyes, strength is about mind, body and soul.  Working out all 3 of these shines in your confidence, character and attitude.  If these are on track, you can do anything and if you can do anything, that is true strength!

On Laughter:  I absolutely love laughing and love making others laugh even more!  Laughter is contagious and brings happiness. Pass it on!

On Motorcycles:  To me, there is nothing better than jumping on my Harley and just going! Riding is my favorite way to relax, enjoy the freedom and scenery while reflecting on life as a whole and how great it really is!

My Wildest Ride:  Jumping out of an airplane 2 miles from the ground, falling towards earth and parachuting to a landing with my grandmother was by far the most fun and most wild ride I have ever had!

Favorite Quote:  “It’s not what happens to us, it’s what we do with it that matters.” - Dan Hayes