Make this the year you see (yourself) better! | Glance Optics & Eyewear

Make this the year you see (yourself) better!

Each year we take a day as a team to take stock of the year before and reflect on what we did well and what could be improved.;

While the specifics adjust each year, the mission stays the same: 

We are committed to delivering a caring and exclusive experience that provides the best eyewear options available in the industry.

We believe we’ve been able to maintain our position in the region as the place to shop for eyewear based not on our product, not on our staff, not on our store, but because of our mission and vision. Our vision for a better future, a better city, a better product, and most importantly a better you!

We are confident that we have organized some of the finest eyewear in the world. We travel to factories and expos around the globe to find the best eyewear available. Our stock changes weekly and you are sure to love the uniqueness of our eyewear options. 

However, above the product, is the purpose, and that is you! When you visit one of our stores, we promise that we won’t see you for who you are today, but who you desire to be tomorrow! We love the new year as a chance to start over, try again and go further than ever before. 

Visit us today and have this the year you see (yourself) better!