Bob Martinsson

Bob Martinsson



Bob at a Glance:  This is our numbers guy – don’t let the long hair fool you, he runs our back office smoothly so the rest of us can play in the front!  But when it comes to frame selection, this guy is one of the best!

On His First Pair of Glasses:  My first frame was a semi-rimless with cable temples. Think ‘60s – ‘70s hiker / hippie.  The lenses were octagonally-cut on the bottom.  They were COOL!  And I could roll in a kayak without loosing them.

On Finding the Perfect Eyewear:  It’s always personal and situation-specific.  I like my cool Barton Perreira acetate frame for weekend kicking around, a classic Matsuda for business occasions, a funky DITA sun, and an artistic ROGER from the Netherlands!  There are others though – just as in skis for an avid skier or a bike for an avid cyclist, no one pair works for every occasion.  No one has only one pair of shoes or one tie.  Life is a wardrobe!

On Beauty:  I love a naturally beautiful person and I love to see a person take pride in his or her appearance.  A woman doesn’t have to look like Heidi Klum and a guy doesn’t have to look like Brad Pitt to be attractive. Every person, through appearance and character, has their own beauty, but often many of us need a little help to bring that out.  Sometimes it’s the right hair style, sometimes a little makeup, other times the right clothes that flatter, but always the right eyewear, framing the eyes and the ultimate adornment on one’s face, projects a person’s personality. 

On Strength:  My favorite topic!  I am an Aries – I believe in action.  I believe in moving forward.  I believe in bold.  I love the old term “…. pull up your boot straps and get it done….”  OK, so we’re not all built out of the same fabric.  I also believe in sharing the strength.  There are many among us that need a helping hand from time to time.  Be bold, be passionate, and share it with others.

On Laughter:  OUCH!  I don’t do this enough!  That’s because I am so focused on what is out front, where I need to go, or perhaps where I think things need to go.  But that’s why I hang out with Lisa.  She laughs, she makes me laugh, she creates balance.  I think we all should be less serious and laugh more. 

On Giving Back:  Both my parents came from very humble backgrounds.  My father was not raised in a strong family environment and, although my mother was, English was a second language for her in a lower-income environment.  I have seen first-hand how young people can be given guidance to expand and improve their futures.  The Boys and Girls Club does this.  It instills positive values and helps build skills to help our youth build productive futures.  The Boys and Girls Club is a passion of mine.  This is how I share strength.

Favorite Vacation:  It was my honeymoon, a 10-day cruise in the Mediterranean.  It was just the right combination of relaxation, culture and activity.  I would repeat the trip again!

Favorite Quote:  “Out of conflict comes resolution.”  I know, it sounds so serious, but here’s the deal – conflict can be one person wants pizza tonight and the other person wants hamburgers.  It can be one person advocates for zero logging and another wants freedom to clear-cut. Conflict doesn’t have to be negative, but conflict will only be resolved through objective dialogue.  We need to communicate and we need to have respect for others’ opinions.