Clely Carter

Clely Carter

Clely at a Glance:  Don’t let her “just under five feet tall” stature fool you. Clely is big on humor and has optical knowledge that stacks up higher than she is! If you’re looking for someone to help you select your next really cool frame, answer any questions you have about optics, and have fun while you’re doing it, Clely will meet all of your expectations. Habla Espanol? Ella Tambien!

On her First Pair of Glasses: I got my first pair of glasses back in elementary school. They were sooo ugly. But I treasured them! Those horrible glasses saved me from walking around blind. I was so happy that I could see my schoolmates’ pearly white teeth, that their laughter and sneers just didn’t matter.

On Finding the Perfect Eyewear: Because of my childhood optical experiences, I have made it my mission to help you find the right frame. I love being able to play with different frame shapes. As an optician, it is my job to help you find a frame that makes you smile, even on a rainy day.

On Learning: Education and learning is very important in life. I have no special talent, but I am passionately curious. I love learning new things, even simple things. Knowledge is power, and if I am able to take it and pass it on to someone else, I believe that kind of empowerment is also a way to learn and teach.

On Laughter: Laughter is such a BIG part of my life. We dance when we laugh, we laugh when we cry. A simple laugh can be so infectious. My personal trainer explained to me that by laughing six times a day I could get the abs I always wanted. See, I saw a little smile. Keep laughing. Love, live, and laugh.

On Life Lessons: Learn to live your life as if it were your last day. From this, I say, learn from yesterday, live for today, and hope for tomorrow.

Favorite Song: “Love” by Musiq (Soulchild)

Favorite Quote: “The most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it is comprehensible.” Albert Einstein