I dropped my glasses tonight

I dropped my glasses tonight and broke the frame. It was my only pair. Panic started to set in as I was thinking about how I was going to work with one lens. I called Glance where I bought the glasses originally. Lisa, the owner, answered. She listened to my dilemma, told me it could be a couple weeks to get a new frame, but offered to wait past closing (6 pm) if I lived nearby. Very nice. Excellent service. When I arrived I’m thinking super glue as a bandaid approach until new frames can be delivered. She said that was an option but cautioned me it would ruin the lenses and they couldn’t be used in a new frame. She then walked to one of her cabinets and started searching for a frame my existing lenses might fit in. On the third try she found one pretty close and said she could “edge” my lense to make it fit. It worked!!! I was thrilled. For a couple hundred dollars she saved my bacon with new frames that are stable and fully functional. Her solution buys me time to check out my eyeglass prescription, see if I need new lenses and then decide on new frames that will last a few years. Her service was priceless!! Thank you.