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I love my new glasses! As soon as I put them on, I wanted to wear them all the time! Nearly a month later, I'm still very pleased. Thanks for your help in providing glasses that look good ON me and look good FOR me. ~ Wyma Jane Rogers
I have purchased several pairs of glasses at Glance over the years. Lisa is not only a fabulous optical dispenser but she has the creative eye in selecting the absolutely perfect color and shape of frame for your face. I wear my glasses for about 3-5 years before I purchase a new frame and up until the day I order new ones, I have people stopping me on the street asking where I purchased my glasses. Thank you, Lisa. I wouldn't go anywhere else. ~ Cherry Peterson
As a 15 year old and getting glasses for the first time I was a little nervous. My mom had such a great experience at Glance that after browsing the samples at Kaiser, after my eye appointment, we both knew we had to head straight for Glance. My mom was right, Lisa is amazing and helped make the glasses experience fun. She helped me know what size and shape would look best on me, and listened to my preferences in order to help me find the perfect pair. I've had my glasses for 5 days and feel so excited that not only can I see really well, but I look really good in them! I know when school starts up again, I will feel really proud to wear my glasses at school. Thanks Lisa! ~ Kayla Fleming
I stumbled across Glance after trying to find glasses from my doctor's office and the big box stores. The glasses in these stores seemed pretty much the same and were not attractive on my small face. As a last ditch effort, I went into Glance and couldn't have been more impressed with the level of customer service and understanding of Lisa and her staff. Glance understands that glasses are an extension of your personality and style and size do matter! Lisa had the ability to look at me and knew of several frames to get me started. She taught me what to look for and how to pick out the perfect frames for my face. The frames at Glance are unique and the quality of the lenses is worth every penny. I LOVE my new glasses and feel stylish and put together every time I wear them! ~ Stephanie Fleming
Fantastic experience from start to finish. I was fortunate to have Lisa help with the initial selection and found a frame that I was comfortable with but which was a little bit of a stretch (exactly as I requested). Turnaround time was faster than promised, and when the lenses weren't exactly right, Lisa helped guide me through the process of getting re-examined, then at no extra charge getting the lenses replaced with the correct ones. I will send friends and family to Glance and highly recommend their services. ~ Jeffrey Bluhm
I discovered Glance while searching for a place to get high quality eyewear. Everyone I interacted with was incredibly friendly and helpful. I'm a compulsive researcher when it comes time to invest in things like my glasses, so I came in with an idea of what I wanted and what I needed to look for. Even though I did quite a bit of homework, I learned a lot through the process. I worked primarily with Teresa, who made the process as easy as possible and was highly communicative. From here on out, Glance will be my first stop for getting glasses. Thank you! ~ Trevor Lane
I actually work at a competitor in town and like to do market walks to see what other stores in the area have to offer. I have been lucky enough to meet the owner, and I have to say she is a really incredible person and the product Glance carries is exceptional. I love being able to send customers to Glance when they can't find something at my location. Keep up the great work! ~ Tom Jones
Love the selection, the helpful staff and all things Glance!!! My favorite eyewear I have ever had!! Blackfin!! And Monoqool are both Amazing brands available in fun styles!! Thank you Glance!! ~ Ben McDaniel
Awesome selection & service. The staff are knowledgeable & friendly & patient. They have a great system for helping to make the best selection of colors & styles that enhance your face. ~ Tass Morrison
I am a petite woman and most glasses are too big for my face. The people at Glance in Lake Oswego went over and above to find me small frames to try on. I'm not used to much selection, and Glance offered more selection by far. The staff at Glance were honest and in the end I bought glasses which I've received so many compliments on over the last two years. I'm ready to go back now, to buy more frames, but the ones I bought are high quality and still going strong. ~ Betsy Noah
Loved the great customer assistance by Miss Julie and an adjustment was made by the gorgeous owner which created a perfect fit. Thank you for what I always refer as “a tortuous event.” ~ Penni Mellon
I have been purchasing eyewear at Glance for more years than I care to remember! Lisa and her team are simply the best at what they do. They carry the most artistic frames and the best quality lenses I've found. Because my eyesight is so terrible, it is difficult for me to choose frames. I trust Lisa completely to tell me honestly which frames look good and which do not. I also appreciate her willingness to push me just a little bit to experiment and play with my image. The result has been years of delightful art for my face and quality optics for my eyes! ~ Alice
I get compliments everywhere I go, thanks to the team at Glance Optics! ~ Cherie
Perfect scores for the selection of frames they carry, from avant garde to very traditional and everything in between. Lisa worked with me for hours, eventually figuring out what the issue was with the prescription. Her knowledge, patience, and kindness turned a frustrating situation into an enjoyable one. Their customer service is beyond top of the line. Will I go back? You betcha! ~ KP
Thank you Glance team for helping me break out of my shell and building my confidence up!!! ~ Anonymous
My experience with Lisa at Glance was very eye opening so to speak! She was a very fun, positive expert in her field. The thing I learned best was to see the frame as one of many options, even though expensive, once the lenses are in to open up to wearing many different styles rather than one for many years! Thank you Lisa for your patience and good nature in your time with us! ~ Mary Adkisson
ALL lenses I've ordered through Glance are more accurate than the same prescription ordered through my optometrist's office. Glance is the best at ensuring lenses work with your desired frames and fitting the prescription to your eyes. I read for a living and my hard-working eyes appreciate the care they receive from Glance. ~ Martha Anderson
Purchased my glasses a month ago. Have been wearing them for three weeks. The experience with Glance has been excellent. Comments received about the glasses and how they appear wearing them are exactly as the sales and fitting persons said they would be. All positive. The glasses fit, feel and wear perfectly. I will do repeat business with them as they have been exceptional. ~ Ed Wallace
I've never experienced someone as passionate about eyewear as Lisa is. There is no chance of not getting great glasses here! ~ Cory Rarick
This is my second experience with Glance. I returned because of my great previous one. Again, I was helped with frames that I would not have selected for myself. I was so excited by the choices that I got two! I have never had two frames before, this was a long time coming. ~ Dori Demarbieax
Loved the experience from beginning to end. My new frames are gorgeous and the lenses superb. I can see a huge improvement in the sharpness and clarity the lenses provide vs. the cheaper ones I had purchased from a big box store. Plus, the staff is AMAZING. They really helped me find the perfect frame to complement my face and personality rather than agreeing with me just to make a sale. I am now a customer for life! ~ Melanie
Exceptional customer service. I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else to buy glasses. Lisa knows what looks great on everyone. I often get stopped on the street and complimented on my frames! ~ Mary Rarick
It can be overwhelming to pick out your first pair of glasses (mine were from Costco) and I wasn't that excited to wear them. My sister recommended Glance and they were wonderful at picking out what worked best for my face shape, etc. - professional, caring people! I feel better now that my glasses are nice looking, quality, lightweight and I feel way more confident wearing these compared to my old ones! Thank you for a great experience! - Diane, Oregon City ~ Diane Bliquez
Glance is so great. I have known them for many years. Not only do they have the sweetest employees, but they have the best selection of eyewear and sunglasses. ~ Mike Peterson
This is by far the best eye glasses place I've been too! The staff is so friendly and helpful and service is amazing. ~ Annie P.
I have been purchasing my "glances" as I call them since 2011. Why? Because Glance has top notch customer service and a selection of eyewear that you will never find anywhere else in Salem. You can go elsewhere and buy a pair of cookie-cutter Dolce and Gabanas, but why would you? Because you want to look like everyone else? No thank you! If I have to wear glasses - I want unique, I want funky and I want style! If that's what you're looking for... look no further than Glance! ~ Daryn J.
Great, just great! ~ Michael
I popped into Glance the other day, needing to replace a screw in my sunglasses. The staff was super friendly, and they made the repair in a few short minutes. While I waited, I enjoyed excellent music being played over the sound system. I was bid a bright farewell, and went about my day. I recommend this place! ~ JoAnn K.
This is DEFINITELY the place to go for the highest quality frames and lenses, and the best personal service. First off, "they" were wonderful and so patient with me in selecting just the right frame for my needs. I needed two pairs of glasses; one progressive for everyday, and one office lens for work at the computer. Finances were a consideration for me, and I ended up purchasing a new frame and lenses for my progressives and recycling my old progressives as my office/computer glasses. It saved me some money going that route. I LOVE my new Monoqool frames! They are super light and comfortable, and I am still amazed at the lens quality. I didn't realize how sharp and clear the world could be! I am so grateful I went with Lisa's recommendation on the lenses. Thank you for making the process of getting new glasses a happy experience for a change! ~ Carla B.
"They" look at a client's face as a work of art and will do their utmost to fit you with frames that show to your advantage. I enjoyed consulting with Lisa and LOVE the frames I purchased today. Go to glance if you respect yourself! ~ Lisa C.
If you're having a hard time finding unique stylish frames, I'd like to recommend Glance Optics. After looking in all the well known shops, I found the perfect frame at Glance and they were very helpful in picking them out. If you want something that not everyone else is wearing, this is the place! ~ Debbie Ross
Today I picked up my new glasses at Glance and I am delighted. They are even better than I remembered! Lisa helped me pick them out. She answered all of my questions and helped me find just the right glasses for my face. What I really like is the wide range of styles from which to choose. If you are looking for great glasses and want very good service, go to Glance! ~ Claudia O'Driscoll
I think everyone at Glance is the best! I broke my glasses and they got a replacement piece from France within a week! They are all about customer service. Thank you Glance! I highly recommend their glasses, too!! ~ Patty Chichester
This is the best place for glasses in the Salem to Portland area. This is the best place anywhere! Lisa and Bob know how to pick frames that work for me. People said I looked decided younger after I got the right frame for my face. I'm 62 and any little thing I can do to look on the outside (healthy and full of vigor) to match what I feel on the inside is much appreciated. They stand by their products and are just good people. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM. ~ Andrew Metcalfe
I went in while on a bike tour desperately needing a new screw for my sunglasses. Les Brown was so kind and helpful and fixed them in 5 minutes flat. Was pretty cute too. Thanks Les! ~ Emily S.
The people at Glance are awesome! My glasses were stepped on today and were in pretty bad shape. As they were being repaired, they helped me pick out a new set of frames. I am terribly indecisive, and the lady helping me was very patient, and helped me to pick the perfect pair. I really appreciate that they are honest and tell you if something doesn't look good! Thank you so much, Glance! I can't wait to pick up my new glasses! ~ Jenn E.
Great service! Wonderful frame choices! No other frame store compares! ~ Marcia B.
The enthusiasm to assist in finding the right frame for you abounds at Glance! They are very nice and fun to work with; they care about your eyewear needs. Have fun finding the perfect glasses for your face and personality at Glance! ~ Jo H.
So knowledgeable, friendly, and genuinely wanted to help me find the right frames to compliment my eyes and face; I was absolutely impressed! After taking a before picture with my current frames, and comparing it to the after picture of frames that actually fit my face, I realized I’ve been wearing the wrong size, shape, and color frames entirely. Lisa didn’t tell me this; rather she just helped me see it on my own by showing me the pictures. It was like a light went on! And the great thing was that I felt like Lisa was just as excited as I was that I had this realization! The selection is like none I’ve ever seen; so unique and cute! Glance was recommended to me by 3 different friends, and after my wonderful experience there, I will recommend Glance to everyone I know who wears glasses. ~ Jeana