So Many Unique Eyewear Brands | Glance Optics & Eyewear

How Can Glance Carry So Many Unique Frames and Eyewear Brands?

How is it that our stores, which are in many cases smaller than the big box retailers can have such a wide variety of styles and fashion-forward designs?

To existing fans and clients, our boutiques in downtown Salem and Lake Oswego are known to carry the most unique eyewear brands and frames from around the world. However, one of the top questions we hear, again and again, is how?

The answer:

We shop for the few, while others have to shop for the many! Our goal at Glance isn’t to offer the most generic frames, which will work ok for masses. Instead, we individually select, every brand, and every style specifically for customers like you that want something better, something unique, and something that is built to last! We not only hand select our eyewear, but we travel across the USA, Japan, Europe and all over the world to meet the designers and visit factories to learn how and where our products are produced.

Additionally, our inventory is continually changing from week to week and month to month. After learning the transformative nature of the most essential personal accessory; glasses, many of our fans have decided to invest in their eyewear wardrobe and come back and purchase multiple pairs throughout the year.

Whether you are interested in getting your first or tenth pair of glasses from us, we promise to continue investing in finding and providing the best array of unique eyewear brands and frames in Oregon