Redefining Eyewear Fashion at Lake Oswego’s Premier Boutique

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In the vibrant city of Lake Oswego, OR, you want to make a fashion statement, but finding the perfect pair of eyeglasses isn’t just about clear vision. The challenge lies in locating an eyewear boutique that offers not just quality but also style and exclusivity. This hunt often leads you to frustration and discouragement, as finding an exceptional blend of functionality, comfort, and fashion seems elusive. Don’t compromise your style or comfort when it comes to eyewear. 

At Glance Glasses, we offer an exclusive range of luxury eyeglasses that aren’t just vision aids but must-have fashion accessories. With “The Glance Experience,” our team analyzes your features to pick your perfect signature eyewear from our exclusive brands.


The Glance Experience: Where Luxury Meets Personalization

At Glance Glasses, your eyewear is more than just a tool for better vision – it reflects your unique style. Here’s how “The Glance Experience” sets us apart:

  • A guided shopping experience: Our professional ABO-certified Opticians work closely with you to understand your unique needs and recommend the best eyewear choices.
  • A curated selection of high-end frames: We offer an exclusive range of signature eyewear from top brands, ensuring you don’t just get glasses but a style statement.
  • Personalized Optician Services: You’ll have the convenience of having certified opticians for your eyewear adjustments, cleaning, and upkeep. Let’s start a lasting bond!

Discover Your Signature Style with Our Exclusive Collection

Our collection boasts frames from renowned brands such as:

  • Anne & Valentin: Known for their playful and colorful designs. 
  • Götti Glasses: Celebrated for their minimalist yet sophisticated appeal. 
  • Kamemannen Eyewear: Offers a unique blend of simplicity and modernity. 
  • Maui Jim: Renowned for their superior lens technology and tropical-inspired designs. 
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Embrace “The Glance Experience” in Three Simple Steps

Transform your eyewear shopping experience with Glance Glasses’ “The Glance Experience” by following these steps:

number one

Schedule a one-on-one consultation with our expert ABO-certified Optician.

number 2

Allow our expert consultant to help you choose the lenses that suit your lifestyle needs.

number 3

Prepare to dazzle everyone with your standout style!

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Envision Your Style With Glance Glasses Expertise in Lake Oswego, OR

You’re a fashionista – Avoid the disappointment of settling for less when it comes to your  signature eyewear. Instead, embark on a seamless journey to discovering the perfect pair that encapsulates your persona.

Our dedicated team isn’t here to make a quick sale but to understand your style, needs, and vision. With Glance Glasses, Lake Oswego’s best eyewear boutique, you can enjoy  luxury eyeglasses that perfectly blend comfort, style, and quality. So why wait? Your unique style deserves nothing less than our signature touch.